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Work opportunity in Germany

7. mars 2011 kl. 16:52

Wirthsmule in south Germany

Work opportunity in Germany

In Eiðfaxi 2010 7th edition there is an article about the horse farm Wirthsmühle in south Germany.....

Angelika Wolf, the owner of the farm contacted Eiðfaxi the other day and said, among other things that she is very interested for an in riding training and instructor or horse trainer and riding instructor, educated from Hólar College to work at her farm. As people can read in the Eiðfaxi magazine on the farm, this is an extremely beautiful and good farm which offers excellent work conditions and atmosphere. HÉR má sjá greinina. 
Those who are interested in further information on this can sent email to info@wirthsmuehle.de or call them in tel. nr.: 0049 846 9541