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Work on the lunge is demanding

20. desember 2011 kl. 20:08

Work on the lunge is demanding

Rúna Einarsdóttir Zingsheim hosted a very entertaining and informative lecture at an FT meeting along with Jóhann R Skúlason the other day...

The theme of the lecture was”A day in the life of Freyr” and Rúna explained how she successfully trains her gæðingur.

The day starts with a walk on the treadmill, a convenient means of training which Rúna can also use while she is away from home, when her assistants lead Freyr to the treadmill. After this, Freyr gets a break until the main training of the day starts with 20 minutes work on the lunge, and this part is just as demanding as riding the horse is. Rúna says that she wants to attend of this part of the training herself, because it is just as demanding as riding the horse is. Rúna has learnt how to work with the horse on the lunge in a way that it brings results “working on the lunge is so much more than just running round and round” Rúna says. If this work is done correctly it will bring positive results.

Following the work on the lunge Rúna mounts her horse and riders it through the parts that she wants to train. She starts with a substantial walk, then preparation and slow tölt or collection. After this she trains canter and trot and then the training ends in the same manner that she started, which is walking.

For the most part Rúna rides at a slow pace.

It is priceless when our most talented horse people are ready to sit down with those who want to listen so that they can learn from their experience and knowledge. The Association of Trainers (FT) had this topic on their project list and we would like to thank them for this initiative.