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Will Jakob and Árborg repeat the game?

8. febrúar 2012 kl. 17:33

Will Jakob and Árborg repeat the game?

Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson was the winner the gæðinga agility competition of the Masters League last year. At that time he presented the tölt mare Árborg frá Miðey with great security and professionalism. Next Thursday, Jakob Svavar and Árborg will be there in the game again in order to defend their title.

„The objective is to be able to present a beautiful show.  Árborg knows a great deal of exercise which she presents very well and also she is a great gæðingur and has it all to be in the lead” he says.

The gæðinga agility is a great challenge for the riders as the interplay between rider and horse plays a great role. The judges will be looking at the number of practices as how well the competition pair is doing, how the practices are intermingled into the many gaits, the versatility and strength of the gaits as well as the flow of the presentation. Riders need to present at least three different gaits and five agility practices and there is only one mandatory practice, which is shoulder in riding tölt. The length of the presentation can be at the most three and a half minute.

“I have presented many different horses into the gæðinga agility program. But the horses need to be naturally pliable and soft. This arrangement is quite flexible and the setup of the presentation can be done in many different ways. What makes this event a fun one, is that one can present the show with so many different types of horses in mind. I have had success with both really spirited horses as well as soft and supple sport horses” Jakob Svavar says. He is competing on behalf of the Ármót/ Top-Reiter team.

Gæðinga agility of the Masters League will be held in the Ölfus arena on Thursday at 19.30 hrs and there will be a direct broadcast from the tournament here on the Eiðfaxi web.