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Video tape - Knights of Iceland

6. maí 2010 kl. 17:17

Video tape - Knights of Iceland

Guðmar Þór Pétursson and his companions performed a great show at the Equine Affair 2010 in Ohio, USA. The spectators showed great appreciation for this event, which was at a so called Fantasia evening of the show, and receiving good reception.

Riders in this event were: Guðmar Þór Pétursson, Hákon Pétursson, Gígja Einarsdóttir, Sigrún Brynjarsdottir, Carrie Lyons Brandt as well as three riders coming from Iceland; Siguroddur Pétursson, Katla Gísladóttir and Matthías Barðason.

Great enterprise and good publicity for the Icelandic horse in America.