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Video clips within the Eiðfaxi web edition

13. febrúar 2010 kl. 20:16

Video clips within the Eiðfaxi web edition

When readers are thumbing through the most recent online edition of Eiðfaxi, they will notice that within the articles “Gæðingurinn” on page 42 and “Primary training” on page 36 there are video clips behind some photographs in those articles. These are short video clips showing the exercises discussed in the article. We will be increasing the use of video clips, in order to increase the entertainment value for our readers as well as information value.

In order to look through the magazine you choose “Web release” log in and choose the magazine you want to read.
Here below is one of these video clips. It is taken at Ingólfshvoll by Guðmundur Björgvinsson.