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Video clips from VÍS Masters League – Gæðinga agility

17. mars 2010 kl. 17:26

Video clips from VÍS Masters League – Gæðinga agility

Yesterday, March 11th there was a competition in Gæðinga agility in the VÍS Masters League. The tournament had good attendance like most tournaments of the league have been. Two judge-teams were working; one to judge the gaits and flow, but the other was judging talent and exercises.

What catches your attention when watching a competition of this kind is that the gæðinga agility as a competition event has not been firmly styled and many of the spectators were not sure of what formed the scores. The setting needs to clear to everyone and the rules and regulations as well.

The presentations were diverse and miscellaneous by all the different competitors. While one of them was emphasizing speed transitions and safe gaits, another would put more emphasis on practices and working in a circle. Also there were implementations on the different exercises various and it was up to the spectators to work out what they were watching.
A board within the FT is working on this project, forming rules on the Gæðinga agility and hopefully something will come out of that shortly.

Attached is a short video clip, where four riders in the top seats can be viewed. It should be mentioned that the video clips are taken in the preliminary of the respective riders.










Sigurbjörn Bárðarson and Jarl frá Mið-Fossum made it to the second place. Photo: HKG.