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Video clip from the rescue operation

29. febrúar 2012 kl. 13:22

The horse was thoroughly stuck as can be seen in this photo.

Video clip from the rescue operation

Eiðfaxi received a tale and video clip showing the rescue of a horse which got trapped - the tale along with a video tape can be viewed here:
The horse was in a pasture close to the horse club Hörður in Mosfellsbær last summer and there he was stuck in a mud pit and clearly he had given up.

People were called over to assist, a vet was called and Sverrir in Varmadalur came along with his digger. Sigurður Straumfjörð Pálsson horse man, managed to put a lash around the horse which was extremely difficult as the horse was thoroughly stuck in the mud as can be seen in the video clip.

The rescue took about 20 minutes and the horse fully recuperated after this after this hardship.