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Tölt masters two years in a row

1. júlí 2012 kl. 13:56

Tölt masters two years in a row

One of the highlights of Landsmót is no doubt the tölt competition. Last night in the finals, six of the best ölt horses in the country appeared and it could be said that this was a great spectacle.

It had become clear a long time ago that Ástþórsdóttir was determined to reach far with the queen of tölt, Díva frá Álfhólum. On the other hand the judges did not agree when it came to assessing them. They received scores reaching from 7,5 - 9,0 for speed transitions. But, they did agree on their supremacy when it came to the tölt speed transitions. They received three times the score of 9,5 and two times 9,0 and ended the competition in this event in fifth place.

Óskar frá Blesastöðum 1A has never been more beautiful than tonight under the control of Artemisia Bertus. With precision and refinement they did the show in such a way that it was exemplary.

And the long experience of Sigurbjörn Bárðarson and Jarl frá Mið-Fossum came in handy. They were especially secure and received a score of 9,0 for slow tölt, highest of all the competitors and ended in fourth place in this class.

Árborg frá Miðey was beautiful under the control of Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson. She has improved since last year when they ended in fourth place in this class, and now they received the bronze with a final score of 8,28.

The horse with the great stride, Smyrill frá Hrísum and Hinrik Bragason had great presence and power but could not keep up with Díva and Alfa on the fast tölt. The judges did not agree on the quality of the speed tölt for them and they received a score from 7,5 - 9,0 for this part.

The power ball, Alfa frá Blesastöðum 1A and Sigursteinn Sumarliðason did not plan to give away the tölt trophy although their competitors were tough. Their show was quite consistent, and they received the same average score 8,33 for both slow tölt and speed transitions and a score of 9,00 for fast tölt and received the highest final score of these competitors – a score of 8,55. This was great achievement on behalf of Alfa and Sigursteinn.

The much talked about plus and minus cards, which the judges had the opportunity to reward or reprimand for good or bad riding, did not appear. On the other hand, the announcer, Sigurður Sæmundsson was powerful during the tölt.
The reporter gives him a + card from the reporter.

Keppendur/ hægt tölt / hraðabreytingar / yfirferð

1. Sigursteinn Sumarliðason Alfa frá Blesastöðum 1A: 8,33 - 8,33 - 9,00 =8,55

2. Hinrik Bragason Smyrill Hrísum:8,67 - 8,33 - 8,33 = 8,44

3. Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson Árborg frá Miðey: 8,0 - 8,5 - 8,33 = 8,28

4. Sigurbjörn Bárðarson Jarl frá Mið-Fossum: 9,0 - 7,83 - 7,83 = 8,22

5. Sara Ástþórsdóttir Díva frá Álfhólum: 7,5 - 7,83 - 9,34 = 8,22

6. Artemisia Bertus Óskar frá Blesastöðum 1A: 8,0 - 8,0 - 8,33 = 8,11