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Time for inriding

9. september 2010 kl. 18:27

Erlingur Erlingsson working with a young horse.

Time for inriding

This is the time when people check out their herds of horses and pick out the young ones; those who will turn four years old next spring. The breeding work continues and horses have to be trained so that people can decide which role awaits those young horses.

Undoubtedly, a large group of great horses will be prepared for training and amongst those are stallions that will catch great attention, perhaps as early as next spring. There are only about seven months until the 2011 spring breeding shows will be held, so time should not be wasted.

Many horse trainers feel that this time of year is the best one because this is the work they cherish the most. It is always exciting to get into direct contact with the young horses and realize their character and natural movement. You cannot always judge the movement of horses by watching them running loose in the pasture