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Þórður is busy in Lipperthof – video clip

14. maí 2010 kl. 18:30

Þórður is busy in Lipperthof – video clip

Last Friday there truly is a feast at the Lipperthof, farm of Uli Reber in Germany. Every year, the couple Uli and Irene Reber host a FIZO breeding horse show and this year there are 37 horses registered to participate. Most of the horses are born in Germany but also there are a few horses from Holland and Britain, as well as horses born in Iceland.

A well known rider will appear and show a few horses. Þórður Þorgeirsson is in Germany and it is enjoyable to mention that this is the first show he participates in after he was prohibited from participation in competition and shows after the WC in Switzerland. In fact the show was postponed for a few days, so that Þórður could participate. Yes, they really appreciate him and his qualifications as a breeding horse rider!

Þórður will perform for Uli, Irene and others, about 15 horses altogether. Haukur Tryggvason and his wife Johanna Pölzelbauer arrive and present a few horses as well as Steffi Kleis from Germany.

On the video there is a short interview with Uli Reber, which Daníel Ben recorded the other day.