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Thirteen Icelandic movie stars

20. október 2011 kl. 10:50

"Hobbit" horses in their winter coats. Photo/JF

Thirteen Icelandic movie stars

In the Fréttablað newspaper today it says that Icelandic horses play a big role in the movie called The Hobbit which will be released next year.....

According to the newspaper, a total of thirteen horses will be used in the movie, being the riding horses of the heros on their way from the land of Hobbits on their way to the Darkland.

The look of the Icelandic horse and the way he collects a thick fur coat during the winter months, was one of the things that caught the interest of the movie makers" says producer Cali Madincea at New Line Cinema. "Another important factor about the Icelandic horse is his stamina and strength and this horse can carry a grownup weighing up to 120 kilos" he says and adds that also the gait tölt had also fascinated them. "This soft gait is really fast and this helps actors dressed inn the complete war gear to keep up with Gandolf who is riding a large horse."

Not everyone can keep a horse at the tölt gait and therefore an owner of Icelandic horses in New Zealand was brought to the place where the movie was being filmed in order to teach the actors the right manner to handle the horses" it says in the Fréttablaðið newspaper article.

The movie "The Hobbit" is based on the movie with the same novel by J.R.R. Tolkien from the year 1937 and is clearly under great influence from the Icelandic sagas, also as many are aware of, the author is an admirer of the Icelandic language and literature.

It is quite enjoyable that our dearest horse is used in movies in this magnificent tail, which is as many people know a kind of a prelude or introduction to his most famous work Lord of the Rings.