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The world needs to be enlightened

12. desember 2010 kl. 18:59

Haukur Tryggvason riding Baltasar von Freielhof at the WC 2009

The world needs to be enlightened

At the FEIF committee meeting, not long ago, Sigurður Sæmundsson commented as follows….

“German officials addressed certain problems regarding our participation in the coming World Championship. They insist that the facilities which we have always had for our horses at the WC will not be offered anymore and the horses leaving Iceland should be vaccinated some months before they are transported to the tournament, which probably would mean that they had to be in quarantine from the vaccination and until they leave Iceland. The other option mentioned by these German officials is that the Icelandic team will have to compete on horses which already have been transported abroad. This arrangement would put the participation on behalf of the Icelandic team in jeopardy.

These propositions put forth by the Germans seem like they are done due to ignorance and wrong information on what was the cause of the disease in horses here in Iceland. But this can also be due to politics in the competition“.

Therefore, according to this it is maintained that Iceland is no longer a clean country and without disease.

What can we do?

It is very important that the rest of the world becomes enlightened about what caused the disease, and that there is no risk involved. The Swedes have already realized that the bacteria which caused the damage is present over there in all horses and is not harming anyone.