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The process of in-riding

2. desember 2011 kl. 21:27

The process of in-riding

Second year students who are registered in the horse science course at the Hólar College, have this fall been studying the process of in riding.....

In all the training and in riding courses of the horse science studies, the students write a daily journal about the in riding process. The students are meant to rationalize their methods and describe the progress of each horse. This fall, a few students chose do their work on their daily journal by video taping it. Two groups returned five short videotapes where they explain their project, covering one week at a time.

These informative videotapes on the process of in riding can be viewed here at the home page of the Hólar College, for the sake of entertainment and usefulness:

1.       Working within a coup and round pen. The young horse was getting used to the gear and lead.
2.       More work in the round pen. Reinforcing trust and mounting the horse.
3.       Riding behind the assistant into the riding arena and more.
4.       Leading by the hand and in the saddle. Riding.
5.       Finals.