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The lightness is the beginning and end of everything

24. júní 2011 kl. 14:19

The lightness is the beginning and end of everything

Eiðfaxi latest issue is out and, as usual, it is packed by informative and entertaining content.

The newest international issue includes an interview with the French trainer and riding instructor MichelBecker who calls himself a „rider on a continuing quest" and has adopted the ideas and the training methods of Philippe Karl, who is one of the masters of the classical French art of riding. Michel has completed a three-year study with him in „the School of Lightness“ (École de Légérté). In the interview Becker shares these ideas where the lightness is the beginning and end of everything.

„It is far too common that riders try to get a horse to give in by holding their hands in a low and completely closed position. Then the horse tends to go down too much, even behind the vertical. The neck shortens too much and this makes it impossible for the horse to use it as a balancing stick. A neck that is too far bent or a horse that is hard on the rein or puts his tongue over the bit are all signs that the rider has forced the neck in the position he wants in an inconsiderate way, and has limited the natural funtioning of the mouth with force. In order to gain a good rein connection, a horse must first open up his throat/poll, meaning that he must come in front of the vertical. The horse becomes relaxed, when he can move his mouth and tongue, that is: if he can chew and munch. A good movability of the lower jaw always reflects a positive interplay between the hands of the rider and the horse´s mouth,“ says Becker in the interview.