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The Icelandic horse is topmost

27. janúar 2012 kl. 09:55

The Icelandic horse is topmost

The horse rental called Íslenski hesturinn is located in Fjárborgir, Reykjavík. The company is in third place on the travelling website Trip Advisor....

for recommended recreation in Europe. The service provided by Begga Rist is highly praised by the customers.

„The horse rental is in third place over recreation which is recommended over Europe and comes next in line after Italian food days and gliding in Switzerland. This is believed to be a spectacular achievement for and Icelandic recreational company, as there are a total of 46.224 companies on this list.

The couple, Bergljót Rist and Sveinn Atli Gunnarsson are owners of a company called Íslenski hesturinn or in English the “Icelandic horse” and understandably they were very pleased to receive these fantastic comments and recommendations on their company. „This is so enjoyable and gives us a sense of contentment in so many ways. This is good for the company, the Icelandic horse in general and of course Icelandic tourism as well“says Bergljót who is an educated tour guide and speaks seven languages.

„We have seen an increase in bookings here. People will see this as one of the things they have to experience when visiting Iceland, which is great, and indeed Iceland is the land of the Icelandic horse.“ Quotation from the following website: á fréttavef Vísis.

In the Eiðfaxi magazine, 7th edition, Begga was interviewed and clearly she was joyful over the praise which her firm received on the web site Trip Advisor. „It touches me when I read what the visitors have written. To get such good comments is extremely important for us and for such a young company. This is an encouragement which again has caused a great increase in bookings for our tours“ say said, and the company is still not one year old.

Congratulations Begga!