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The hot spot will be aired again

2. september 2010 kl. 21:06

The hot spot will be aired again

At the Íslandsmót last weekend, the eidfaxi.is staff produced a quick and in-depth  news report from the tournament along with photos and interviews with people on the tournament location. It was possible to read all of the news reports in one place by pressing the banner on the top of the page called the “hot spot”.  
Tomorrow, the Masters tournament at Andvari in Kjóavellir will start, and we will be presenting the news in the same manner.

By pressing the banner on top of the page you will see all the news of the tournament located on that page and in chronological order.

Eiðfaxi staff will be at the tournament bringing the ones not able to attend the tournament the news simultaneously along with photos of what is happening.