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The horse is a part of an international tourist promotion – Agenda of the Icelandic Horse Festival in Reykjavík

3. mars 2011 kl. 11:52

The horse is a part of an international tourist promotion – Agenda of the Icelandic Horse Festival in Reykjavík

The Icelandic Horse Clubs Federation, Icelandair, Iceland Travel and the City Council is promoting a week long  feast which is dedicated to the Icelandic horse.....

in so called “Icelandic Horse Festival” in Reykjavík and this great event is a part of the tourist promotion “Inspired by Iceland”.

Eiðfaxi contacted Oddrún Ýr Sigurðardóttir, the spokesperson of the festival, who said that this event was functioning as an international introduction of the Icelandic horse. She also said that the emphasis would be on family friendly and informative events. Members of the following different horse clubs in the greater Reykjavík area, Andvari, Fákur, Gustur, Hörður, Sóti and Sörli would take active part in the preparation of the feast, and many as volunteers.

The agenda of the Icelandic Horse Festival in Reykjavík is full of unbelievably versatile events: informative trips, movies, lectures, art shows, horse shows, professional shows and leading horses for school children from Hafnarfjörður! The highlight of the festival will be on Saturday, April 2nd when a horse parade, prepared by all the aforementioned horse clubs will ride up the street of Laugavegur and towards the Family- and Domestic Animal garden where a great family festival will be held.

Following is the program of the Horse Festival in Reykjavík:

Monday March 28.
Horse breeding farms in the south region - Breeding farms of the year for the past 3 years will be visited and those are: Ketilsstaðir/Syðri-Gegnishólar, Strandarhjáleiga and Auðsholtshjáleiga. The journey ends at Ingólfshöll, where a show will be presented by the people in the Ölfus area.    

Bíó Paradís cinema will be presenting a movie about horses in the evening.

Tuesday March 29.
Horse breeding farms in the west region, where the breeding farms will be visited. There will be an instructional demonstration at Mið-Fossar in cooperation with the Agricultural College at Hvanneyri. Also, horse breeding judges will present educational material and explanations on the main aspects of horse breeding assessment and horse breeding.

Bíó Paradís cinema will be presenting a movie about horses in the evening.

Wednesday March 30.
The Association of Horse Trainers is promoting a professional show in the Víðidalur riding arena.

Thursday March 31.
A show and presentation of the different studies at the Hólar College and in the riding arena of Hörður in Mosfellsbær.
In the evening the Hörður horse club will be presenting a sales show with an ethnic intonation in the riding arena.

Friday April 1.
The festival moves to Hafnarfjörður where the playschools of Hafnarfjörður will be visited by a group of horses and riders. This is a part of the show "Youth and Horses". Horses and singers will gather at Thorsplan lot at 16:00-18:00. Then a parade of horses accompanied by the police will be riding along the Reykjavík highway towards the store Fjarðarkaup. At the Fjarðarkaup parking lot the horse club Sörli will be presenting a horse show.

In the evening a horse show in the Víðidalur riding arena will be presented. Events from each horse club will be presented and also the young adults from the show "Youth and horses" will be presenting a show.

Saturday April 2.
The final day of the feast will start with a parade up Laugarvegur. All the horse clubs will join forces to make the parade grand, and there are great expectations for this event.

The parade will come to an end in Laugardalur (Botanical Garden) where a great family feast will be held in the garden between 13:00-16:00 hours. Different events will be offered such as leading children on horses, horse- and handcraft village where many different goods will be introduced and offered for sale . Then horses will be showing many different gaits, sales show is held, the versatile colors of horses will be shown as well as a musical event.

On Saturday evening the yearly ice tölt competition will be held, called "The strongest by far" in the Laugardalur, skating arena. This is where all the best horses and riders of the country will gather. This competition is known for it excitement and there is great expectations amongst the spectators.

 In Addition
 It should be mentioned that the events which will be held on March 26th and 27th, which is a kind of a prelude of the Horse Festival.

One one hand there will be the grand show “Orri for 25 years”in the Ölfus arena on Saturday night, march 26th where the history and the affect Orri frá Þúfu have had on Icelandic horse breeding. It is estimated that about 60-80 horses which are offspring from Orri will take part in this show, as well as Orri himself. Further information can be found here: frétt Eiðfaxa hér.

On March 27th the Hörður horse club along with the sponsor Líf will be promoting a tournament called "Tölt for Life" as a grant to the female ward in the Landsspítali hospital. The tournament will be held in the Hörður riding arena and everyone participating in the show is donating their time and effort. Admission fee and registration fees will be free and will be donated to the undivided to the cause .