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The FEIF 2010 Feather Prize awarded to a young Dutchman

28. júlí 2010 kl. 13:42

The FEIF 2010 Feather Prize awarded to a young Dutchman

The FEIF Feather Prize was awarded recently at the Youth Cup in Denmark. The prize was awarded to the Dutch girl Bo Cavens who was riding the horse Týrson vom Saringhof which many remember from WC 2009 where he was the winner in the finals in T2 with the rider Yoni Blom in the saddle.

The FEIF Feather Prize is a prize awarded in order to encourage good horse riding manner and sportsmanship, a sort of an ode to light and supple horse riding. The prizewinner is a good example for all riders, in the world of Icelandic horses, everywhere.

The FEIF Feather prize was award for the first time in 2002. Like mentioned here above, the object with this prize award is to encourage professional, light and good horse riding. The prize winner is an example for other riders within the world of the Icelandic horse. Therefore it is very desirable to receive the Feather Prize as well as being a true honor. The prize is awarded once every year at a special FEIF event.

Prize winners since 2002:
2010: Bo Cavens (Dutch youth) at the FEIF Youth Cup 2010 in Kalø, Denmark
2009: Guðmundur Einarsson at WC 2009 in Brunnadern, Switzerland
2008: Ástríður Magnúsdóttir (Icelandic youth) at FEIF Youth Cup 2008 in Brunnadern, Sviss
2007: Lena Trappe at WC 2007 in Oirschot, Holland
2006: Andrea Balz (Swiss youth) at the FEIF Youth Cup 2006 in St. Radegrund, Austria
2005: Stian Pedersen at WC 2005 in Norrköping, Sweden
2004: Þorvaldur Árni Þorvaldsson Landsmót at Hella, Iceland
2003: Frauke Schenzel (German youth) at the WC 2003 in Herning, Denmark
2002: Stephanie Nielsen (Danish youth) at the International Youth Competition in Herning, Denmark