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The Faroese are importing horses

19. nóvember 2009 kl. 09:20

The Faroese are importing horses

The Faroese have imported a total of 23 horses directly from Iceland counting from May last. As Iceland is considered the third country as far as transportation of animals between the EU countries, live animals from Iceland need to go through an authorized border station into the EU and this also applies to the Faeroe Islands.

The Þórshöfn harbor built a border station for animals on the eastern harbor in Þórshöfn, according to the home page of the Faroese office -  Heilsufrøðiliga starvsstovan – which is comparable to out  foodstuff office.

At the border station, there is room for two horses, which measures up to all the EU demands on such stations. Should it be necessary, it is possible to make a quarantine for up to six horses, should they be sick at the point of import.

The horse transportation this year started in May. It is permissible to transport horses by sea from Iceland during the period May 16. to October 31.