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The ageless Otur visited

16. október 2011 kl. 21:07

The ageless Otur visited

When traveling around Austria and Germany last august, Eiðfaxi was lucky enough to bump into one of our well known chiefs....

He is already 29 years old and is enjoying his old age at a fantastic ranch called Pfaffenbuck, in Germany.

It cannot exactly be said that Otur frá Sauðárkróki is wiggling with gaiety and action. But he is looking healthy and he is full of life because he was trotting around the meadows quite triumphant, like a true chief, after which he posed while we took some photos of him, as can be seen below.

Valdimar Kristinsson wrote this informative article (; in the paper Morgunblaðið about Otur about the time he was shipped abroad in the year 2000. He reviews the history of Otur here in Iceland and among other things he took an interview with his breeder Sveinn Guðmundsson,  and Einar „Otur“ Magnússon who trained the horse at the facilities in Gunnarsholt  in 1986. Eiðfaxi recommends that people read this article (if you can read Icelandic).

Not only is Otur a living legend and a very successful and valuable horse, but he has also produced a few of our honorary chiefs. At this time his registered offspring are a total of 1008 and about 64 of of those have received a total score of 8.0 at a breeding assessment. His best known offspring needs no introduction, and he is Orri frá Þúfu, who is also looking very well considering his age and as the attached photo of him was taken the other. These are quality genes.

Still new gæðingar which are from the bloodline of Otur are being brought forward, for example Teigur vom Kronshof who ended in second place in the class of older stallions, with a total score of 8.61 and for talent a score of 8.84 and thereby the highest assessed offspring of Otur.

Otur is not producing offspring anymore, but is living a quiet and comfortable life in Pfaffenbuck where renowned stallions also live such as Randver frá Nýjabæ and Hilmir frá Sauðárkróki.