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Sunday morning speculations

30. janúar 2011 kl. 23:12

Sitting in the grandstand

Sunday morning speculations

Eiðfaxi has discussed the first evening of the Masters League many times, it was launched with great vitality last Thursday evening. According to the spectators, they had been waiting impatiently for a grand show of this kind for a long while.....

Ægir from Reykjavík was full of anticipation watching the Masters League. “I was getting thirsty for a real tournament. It is great fun to come and see the horses that these riders bring.” Ægir said that the Masters League was very important for horsemanship. “As we see from the attendance tonight, many were thirsty just like me, no grand tournaments have been held for a long time.”
And the audience was not disappointed. The tournament was fantastic and great fun, although some were showing signs of fatigue during the preliminary. The program of the night lasted for four full house, which is rather long, sitting on wooden benches in the Ölfus arena.
But Friðrik from Hveragerði did not complain, where he sat and drank his coffee during intermission. He said that he would watch the Masters League this winter very closely. “These tournament are a good addition to other activities in the winter, it is good fun which is great to watch.”
The tradition has been that riders choose the music with their show in the preliminary competition was a cause for my delight. The music puts a personal flair to each show. While most riders chose to present their show with a rhythmical rock music,  Bergur Jónsson was grand when he went forward riding his hors Vakar frá Ketilstöðum with the king of pop singing: “You know I´m big, I´m bad, come on, you know it.” The DJ of the house was exceptionally tasteful when the theme of the Pink Panther was put on the record player when the competitors were showing walk during the finals.
Without criticizing other competitors, the undersigned was filled with pleasure watching the relaxed and disciplined show by Anna Valdimarsdóttir and Ketils frá Vakurstöðum. Ketill seemed to be perfectly content and relaxed, snorting while performing the show and there were no signs of tension; tail swinging nor chopping of the mouth as could be seen in some of the higher assessed presentations. Anna rode Ketil just like a yoga guru with great earthly connection, whether he was gliding past on his trot or canter. I was quite surprised to see that their show did not receive a higher score than it did.
Everyone has an opinion of their own when it comes to the judges, and at the end of the day, nothing is gained by arguing with the judges. We should not forget the privilege of the spectators to be able to sit on the stand and watch beautiful horses while sipping coffee and then without any responsibility put up the judges glasses and complain with nag and grumble on what there is to see.
Considering the great selection of horses and riding the judges are not to be envied. Except, of course, for the rotatable chairs that they could so easily swing back and forth. I watched their good chairs with envy from where I was sitting sore and clamped, when the competition had been going on for three hours.
I cannot deny that a sense of wellbeing came over me when the theme song of the beauty contest of Iceland filled Ölfushöll, as Sigurður Sigurðarsson and Loki frá Selfossi were crowned as the winners of the evening.
Undoubtedly, many were smiling through their tears on their way from the arena, their eyes shining after the sights of the evening, the soul was no longer hungry from the lack of horse shows and the buttocks relieved after a marathon seating.