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Summer Joy instead of the Landsmót

10. júní 2010 kl. 11:59

Summer Joy instead of the Landsmót

The people of Skagafjordur seize opportunity from defeat – Summer Joy instead of the Landsmót. The postponement of the Landsmót that was to be held from 27th June to the 5th of July at Vindheimamelum in Skagafjordur was a big blow for the equine industry as well as tourism operators and the community as a whole, particularly in Skagafjordur where preparations were underway to greet thousands of guests.

The Municipality of Skagafjordur, the association of tourism service providers of Skagafjordur, Equine associations in Skagafjordur and the Horse Breeders association of Skagafjordur have decided to take this setback as a challenge and have set about organising a Sæluvika in Summer during the time that the Landsmót was to have been held (Sæluvika is traditionally held in April in Skagafjordur and is a week entirely devoted to having fun).

Among the things on offer for those who choose to visit Skagafjordur during this week are Pancake Days with plenty of diversions, the girls football meet in Saudarkrokur, bus trips and hiking trips tracing the Saga Sturlunga, a baroque festival at Hólar, the birthday challenge at the Golf course and a big dance at Miðgarður. Breeding shows organised by the horse breeders association will also be held at Vindheimamelum. Then there are unlimited other activities available such as river rafting, organised hiking trips, boat trips to the islands of Drangey and Malmey. Skagafjordur also provides a wide variety of museums and exhibitions such as the emigration museum at Hofsós, the transportation museum, and the district museum at Glaumbæ, the turf church at Vidimyri and the exhibition centre in Saudarkrokur, where you can see among other things, the polar bear that came to land here in Skagafjordur in 2008.

The recently opened visitors centre at Atlantic Leather in Saudarkrokur is well worth a visit, here you can learn about the tanning process as well as see the variety of products that are being manufactured using this premium product. A new and spectacular pool at Hofsós was opened in 2010 adding to the already abundant number of pools and natural hot springs throughout the region. Skagafjordur also has some excellent restaurants which showcase the produce of the region. Accommodation options are many and varied including the fabulous new campsite in Varmahlid and the improved camping facility in Saudarkrokur.

The people of Skagafjordur will do their utmost to ensure that you have a wonderful time here in Skagafjordur during the days that would have been the Landsmót. The plan is that the Landsmót will now be held in the summer of 2011 in Skagafjordur.

Furthermore the horsemen of Skagafjordur will be holding an open meeting during the bank holiday weekend in August, Fákaflug, which will showcase stud competitions, breeding show, tolt competition and horse races. The emphasis will be on having a fun and providing an atmosphere reminiscent of the horse meets held here in years past.

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