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Successfull gathering

23. nóvember 2009 kl. 14:51

Successfull gathering

It was truly a moment of feast at Broadway last Saturday night, when the Icelandic Horse Clubs Federation and the Association of Horse Farmers held their grand harvest festival. Prizes were rendered, people were light hearted, Björk Jakobs came and entertained the crowd with great success and then people danced into the night. The master of ceremonies was Hermann Árnason who did a great job. It was especially amusing when he asked both Guðlaugur Antonsson and Kristinn Guðnason to come on stage where they would be assessed as breeding stock. The spectators had a great laugh when he commented that Guðlaugur had a good neck but a rather slender hind and that Kristinn was a handsome example, with ample flesh and overall a great looking sheep!

Sigurður Sigmundsson received the LH honorary prize this time. Siggi in Syðra as he is often called has for decades taken care of news relating to horsemanship and horse breeding with great ambition and interest. He has written for many mediums, amongst which is Eiðfaxi. Siggi has, after a long career as a photographer, a great and valuable photo collection which is a true treasure for horsemanship. Eiðfaxi would like to congratulate Siggi wholeheartedly with this acknowledgement, which he is truly deserving of.

Here below is a series of photos from the festival and more photos have been entered into the Eiðfaxi photo collection.