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Students graduating from Hólar University

8. september 2010 kl. 17:43

Students graduating from Hólar University

On Friday September 3rd a total of 65 students were graduated from the Hólar University at a ceremony at the Hólar cathedral.
The head principal, Skúli Skúlason, addressed the students, staff and other guests welcoming them to Hólar. After his speech the divisional managers Kristina Tryselius, Bjarni Kristófer Kristjánsson and Víkingur Gunnarsson gave short speeches after which they handed the diplomas over, each for their own faculty. In between the events, Jón Þorsteinn Reynisson played the accordion.

A total of 27 horse specialists and instructors were graduated. Anna-Lena Aldenhof received an acknowledgement for the highest overall grade and for the highest grade in pedagogy at the instructors’ level. Also, she received the Eiðfaxi trophy. Sina Scholz received a FT prize for horse riding and the Morgunblaðið horse shoe, which is granted for the best aggregate achievement in horse riding.
Nineteen students graduated with a diploma in horse training. Sylvía Sigurbjörnsdóttir received the FT training trophy, for receiving the highest overall grade.

A total of seven students were graduated as trainers and horse instructors. According to tradition the FT chairman, Sigrún Ólafsdóttir, gave them the uniform of the club at the graduation, and it was unfortunate that only two of the students were present. Sigvaldi Lárus Guðmundsson received both the Morgunblaðið saddle, for the highest aggregated grade and the LH-statue for the best achievement in instructional science and riding instruction. Laura Benson was the winner of the Ástund horse, which is rendered for the highest aggregated grade in horse riding.

And finally, one student graduated with a BS degree in horse science, and this course of study is a joint project of the Hólar University and the Agricultural University at Hvanneyri.

After the ceremony, everyone enjoyed a cup of coffee at the school premises.