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Stallions with high assessments now abroad

19. nóvember 2009 kl. 09:37

Stallions with high assessments now abroad

Every year, many magnificent breeding horses with high assessment are shipped out of the country. Many of them we regret, but at the same time hoping that they will prove to be favorable to the Icelandic horse stock abroad. So far this year, a total of 55 first prize horses have been transported abroad.

Among those are young stars like Oliver frá Kvistum (overall score 8.67), Hnokki frá Fellskoti (overall score 8.52), Sæfari frá Hákoti (overall score 8.50) and Kjarni frá Auðsholtshjáleigu (overall score 8.50). Also there are some older breeding horses which have been transported to new areas on the mainland. Illingur frá Tóftum (overall score 8.73) is presently in Sweden, Keilir frá Miðsitju (overall score 8.63) has been transported to the Netherlands along with Lúðvík frá Feti (overall score 8.51). Straumur frá Sauðárkróki (overall score 8.37) has arrived to his new owners in Sweden, Suðri frá Holtsmúla 1 (overall score 8.31) has gone to Germany and Kjarkur frá Egilsstaðabæ (overall score 8.28) went to Sweden in the beginning of this year.

Also, the following horses have all been transported abroad: Tónn frá Ólafsbergi (overall score 8.55), Grásteinn frá Brekku, Fljótsdal (overall score 8.54) and Máttur frá Torfunesi (overall score 8.52) and Vár frá Vestra-Fíflholti (overall score 8.50). The highest assessed mare transported abroad is Trópí frá Hnjúki (overall score 8.37) which was sent to Switzerland last September. Gína frá Árbæ (overall score 8.33) went to Denmark in the beginning of the year and as most people are aware, Stakkavík frá Feti (overall score 8.31) stayed in Switzerland after the World Championship.

In the chart here below, twenty of the highest assessed breeding horses can be viewed. Those horses will be tested and checked out away from their original country in the future.

IS1998187280    Illingur    Tóftum    8,73    SE
IS2004181963    Oliver    Kvistum    8,67    SE
IS1994158700    Keilir    Miðsitju    8,63    NL
IS2001101093    Tónn    Ólafsbergi    8,55    DK
IS2001175261    Grásteinn    Brekku, Fljótsdal    8,54    FI
IS2003188470    Hnokki    Fellskoti    8,52    DK
IS2002166211    Máttur    Torfunesi    8,52    CH
IS1998186918    Lúðvík    Feti    8,51    NL
IS2004186430    Sæfari    Hákoti    8,50    DK
IS2003187053    Kjarni    Auðsholtshjáleigu    8,50    CH
IS2000184656    Vár    Vestra-Fíflholti    8,50    DK
IS2001158280    Baugur    Víðinesi 2    8,48    NO
IS2001136413    Bjarmi    Lundum II    8,48    FR
IS2001157000    Glymur    Sauðárkróki    8,39    DK
IS2000256258    Trópí    Hnjúki    8,37    CH
IS2000175485    Taktur    Tjarnarlandi    8,37    BE
IS1999157004    Straumur    Sauðárkróki    8,37    SE
IS2003186731    Óratór    Vöðlum    8,35    DK
IS2002177797    Höttur    Hofi I    8,35    DE
IS2000286934    Gína    Árbæ    8,33    DK