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Stallion Magazine 2010 being printed

20. mars 2010 kl. 21:11

Stallion Magazine 2010 being printed

The Eiðfaxi 2010 Stallion Magazine is now being printed at Oddi printing shop and will be ready next week, which is a little earlier than usual. The magazine is a very comprehensive hand book covering stallions offered for horse breeders all over the country this summer.

The magazine is larger than before and more elaborate also. The stallions in the magazine are lined up in such a way that the honor prize winning horses are first in line, then the ones which have received 1st prize for offspring and then all other horses having had final assessment and finally horses without final assessment which are future stallions.

Like last year, all the stallions in the magazine will be on the Eiðfaxi Stallion web as well, where more photos of them can be viewed, even video clips and different additional information. This is an increased service for the owners of stallions at no extra cost for them.

The magazine includes traditional information on breeding horse shows, the newest BLUP, which horses have the highest breeding horse assessment for each event, rules on breeding horse shows and more such related issues. Last but not least there is an entertaining interview with the couple Þormar and Sigurlína and family whose horses are named after their farm Strandarhjáleiga Last fall they received the most prominent acknowledgement for horse breeding in Iceland when they accepted the prize Breeding Farm of the year 2009.

Of course the Stallion Magazine will be sent to subscribers as soon as it has been released from the printing house but also the magazine will be for sale in horse tack stores, N1 gasoline stations, Olís and other places.

Eiðfaxi is proud of this new magazine and hopes that it will be a good and useful handbook for horse breeders when speculating and choosing a stallion to breed from.