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Speculations on a Sunday

12. september 2010 kl. 22:34

Speculations on a Sunday

Although customary work around tournaments and shows is over this season, horse people still have a lot to think and talk about when they get together.  The following three topics are in the spotlight.

Horse breeding assessments
This field offers endless discussions along with many other different concerns. One of the things that are being discussed is the changed relevance and restrictions which were implemented earlier this year. There are different opinions on this matter and one thing is for sure is that the council of specialists will have to have an in depth look at this at their next meetings. The seventh edition of Eiðfaxi is in the pipes now and in this issue there is an in depth appraisal on this topic as well as interviews on this subject with a few persons which are in the forefront. Different level of education and educational requirements of the international FEIF breeding judges, depending on which country they come from is another interesting matter which will catch some attention in the discussions this fall.

Cough disease
No breaking news has been on this topic recently but this matter is a great concern to many. Of course each individual has his personal experience and how he feels about this matter. The undersigned has heard remarkably many and diverse variations on this matter. This is still a matter of concern for all horse owners and there is a certain anxiety in the air about the future and what it will bring.
Two open meetings have been announced where the cough disease will be discussed; the present situation as well as the future prospects will be discussed.

The following organizations are the ones representing these meetings. Those are LH, FHB and FT and Dr Sigríður Björnsdóttir vet will conduct the discussions. The former meeting will be held in the ÍSÍ house in Laugardalur on Tuesday, September 14th at 17:30 hrs. The latter meeting will be held in Þingborg, a little south of Selfoss, on Tuesday, September 14th at 20:30 hrs.

Harvest festival of 2010
Many people are speculating about how this festival of horse people will be celebrated this year. The Association of Horse Breeders has withdrawn from collaboration with the Icelandic Horse Clubs Federation on this field and will not participate in it. It is right to mention that this decision was not made because of any disagreement. Rather it was because the Association of Horse Breeders feels that another field would be better suitable to award for horse breeding and this would be the yearly horse breeders’ conference which is held annually at the location of “Bændahöllin”. There are different ideas being discussed about this conference on making it still more bounteous, so there will be some changes on the agenda. This is being resolved by the Association of Horse Breeders.

The acknowledgement for the “Breeding Rider of the year” will remain the concern of the Association of Horse Breeders.

Trausti Þór Guðmundsson