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Speculations at the beginning of the week – monument of Höskuldur

27. september 2010 kl. 12:30

Speculations at the beginning of the week – monument of Höskuldur

After having introduced the idea to Dagbjartur Kort Dagbjartsson at Hrísar, he described it in the following lyric, which he did at my request.

Horsemen’s paddock of honor
pleasing to most.
For a long time in his remembrance being
for people engaging in horses.    

Last spring and summer I decided to do what I had dreamt of for a long time; in the first place to have a video clip of Gísli Höskuldsson frá Hofsstöðum and his gæðingur Haukur, who at this time is 29 years old and in second place of Ingimar Sveinsson at Hvanneyri and his 26 year old gæðingur, Pílatus. At a horse show by the horse people in Borgarfjörður, which was held in the Fákur riding arena in Reykjavík in 1992, these four chiefs were the pride for everyone from the west part of Iceland as well as being the highlight of that show.

Both Gísli and Ingimar have agreed to make a contribution so that a deserving monument of Höskuldur Eyjólfsson at Hofsstaðir could be set up. The location for this monument would be at the rock paddock which has been built on the slope by the church in Reykholt and the idea is to name it Höskuldur´s Paddock. The plan is to unveil a memorial stone and induct the paddock on June 17th 2011. Páll Guðmundsson artist at Húsafell has accepted to hew into a rock a picture of Höskuldur, and also a stone memorial shield will be attached to it.

Their contribution as well as mine, is all about giving people the opportunity to help sponsor this project with a donation of 5.000 Ikr for which they will receive as a token of gratitude, a copy of the photos taken of Haukur and Pílatus.
Officially, the collection for this contribution started when I went to the corrals in this area along with two gray horses, one of them Höskuldur´s pack horse, giving people the opportunity to sign themselves on a list for grants and instead receiving the videodisc. Also it will be possible to contact me at my e-mail address: gudlaugur@vesturland.is or by telephone at this number: 8 – 61 -59 – 71.

The corrals that I attended were Fljótstunga, on Saturday September 11th, the corrals at Oddstaðir on Wednesday, September 15th and the corals in Þverá, Monday September 20th. I also attended the corrals at Grímsstaðir, that time not riding.

Within me I sense some inner peace
although cold winds are rushing        
when appearing before me
the bright Borgarfjörður valleys.     

This poetry is written by Höskuldur, and I know that many people have had similar experience and disposition as he did. With this in mind I will continue this project, thankful for having had him as a friend and a role model in horse riding as well as positive outlook on life.
With kind regards, now in Reykholt but before in Kleppjárnsreykir,

September 23rd 2010,
Guðlaugur Óskarsson