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Speculations about pace

6. maí 2010 kl. 17:05

Speculations about pace

One of the spectacular qualities of the Icelandic horse is the pace gait. Horse people enjoy watching a spirited, Icelandic gæðingur showing all the different gaits. It is great and a lot of “kick” in the experience of watching a magnificent pace sprint.  

At this time, at springtime, people are mapping out the breeding horse shows, and then  it is interesting to take a look at which horses have received the highest score for pace – 10.0.
When searched through the WorldFeng database, the names of 13 horses appear. Eleven of those are born in Iceland, one in Sweden and one in Germany. Normally, those horses have a sky high capacity assessment or about 8.60 and up to 9.08.

Lets take a look at the following list:

Name and origin of horse        Conformation    Capability    Total score
DE1997104468 Snúður Lipperthof    7.86      8.51        8.25
IS1960136310 Andvari Hreðavatni    7.7         8.43         8.07
IS1970165740 Náttfari Ytra-Dalsgerði    8     9.08     8.54
IS1988165825 Bokki Akureyri    7.95     8.61     8.28
IS1988176100 Svartur Unalæk    8.18     8.9     8.54
IS1989176189 Hjörvar Ketilsstöðum    7.8     8.81     8.3
IS1993188802 Númi Þóroddsstöðum    8.23     8.5     8.36
IS1994157005 Fálki Sauðárkróki    8.16     8.97     8.65
IS1996165490 Glampi Efri-Rauðalæk    7.83     8.34     8.14
IS1996187723 Sjóli Dalbæ    8.26     8.93     8.66
IS1996265491 Ísól Efri-Rauðalæk    8.01     8.63     8.39
IS1998287130 Hryðja Hvoli    8.25     8.92     8.65
SE1992104328 Askur Håkansgården    8.29     8.87     8.64

If we search for horses with half a point lower score, we are looking for those having received 9.5 for pace and then we find that there is a considerably higher number of horses receiving that score or a total of 211 horses. In that group there are a few Icelandic born younr horses, which did well at the last Landsmót. Those are Glotti frá Sveinatungu, Tangó frá STrandarhöfði, Ómur frá Kvistum and the mares Minning and Djörfung frá Ketilsstöðum. Also, there are horses like Sefja frá Úlfljótsvatni and Sindri frá Vallanesi with a total of 9.5 for pace and a high assessment for capability, such as Ás frá Ármóti, Stáli frá Kjarri, Illingur frá Tóftum, Sóldögg frá Hvoli, Gígja frá Auðsholtshjáleigu, Blær frá Hesti and Aðall frá Nýjabæ. These are just a few amongst many others.
We remember these champions, they are a joy to watch whether on the breeding horse track or at the competition track.

Let us keep on being fascinated with pace; it is good for our spirits.
Here blow is the scale of the judges in the breeding assessments in pace:

9.5 – 10
-Secure and magnificent pace, good rhythm, great speed.

-Secure and magnificent pace, good rhythm, great speed.
-Competition pace, no demands for magnificence.

-Secure and very beautiful pace, good rhythm, fair pace speed.
-Secure and energetic pace but not beautiful.
-Fantastic and speedy pace but sprint not in full length, - although reaching 90 to 100 m.
-Fantastic and very roomy pace, insignificant flaws in rhythm, sprint is full length, reaching 150 to 180 m.

-Secure and beautiful pace, good rhythm, medium pace speed.
-Secure and roomy pace but not beautiful.
-Beautiful and speedy pace but sprints are not long, although reaching about 70 – 80 m.
-Beautiful and very roomy pace but slightly four-beat at times.

-Secure and fairly beautiful pace, good rhythm but speed is lacking.
-Secure but not beautiful pace, rather good speed.
-Beautiful and roomy pace but sprints are short – although reaching up to 40 til 60 m.

-Beautiful and roomy pace but four-beat at times.
-Vigorous glimpses of pace but lacking security.
-Pace with considerable flaws in rhythm.
-Vigor and beauty is lacking but secure pace.

6.5 and lower
-Not amble (5.0).
-Short, sprints without vigor.
-Pace without vigor although the horse paces the whole track.
-Glimpses of pace.
-Pace with considerable flaws in rhythm; wandering, four beat or interchanging.