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Soft and sensitive on the reins

20. desember 2011 kl. 12:24

Soft and sensitive on the reins

The Association of Horse Trainers hosted an evening of enlightenment at the location of Hörður horse club, on Saturday evening December 17th....

It was the world champion winners Jóhann R Skúlason and Rúna Zingsheim Einarsdóttir who gave the lectures and answered questions towards the end. There was a substantial crowd at the meeting and the guests listened with great interest and many questions were answered by Jóhann and Rúna.

Both speakers said that softness and sensitivity on the reins is of utmost importance for a good horse trainer.
At this opportunity the Association of Horse Clubs (FT) handed over to Jóhann the acknowledgement Horse-sportsman of the year 2011 and thereby he is a candidate for the Sports award for the year, which will take place shortly.

This educational evening was the first in the row of such evenings hosted by the Association of Horse Trainers (FT) this winter.