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Sigurður Sigurðarson is the rider of the year

23. nóvember 2009 kl. 14:48

Sigurður Sigurðarson is the rider of the year

Siggi Sig, as most people know him received the popular title “Rider of the year” at the horse peoples Harvest Festival at Broadway last night. Siggi was nominated for prizes in five different categories out of six. He became a double Icelandic champion in the year, presenting 16 breeding horses for 1st prize and received 3rd place in loose rein tölt at the WC in Switzerland last summer. In most events he was in the forefront at tournaments in Iceland and is a great role model. 

Linda Rún Pétursdóttir was nominated the most promising rider. She did a great job at the WC in Switzerland riding the horse Örn frá Arnarstöðum, as well as at tournaments here at home this summer.

Erlingur Erlingsson is the breeding horse rider of the year. During the year, he showed many fantastic breeding horses receiving high scores; one that should be mentioned is Tenór frá Túnsbergi. Tenór Received 9.15 for capacity and a total score of 8.61.

Sigurbjörn Bárðarson had a great pace summer and received fantastic scores in both 150 m and 250 m pace. His timing riding Óðinn frá Búðardal (14.15 sec at 150 m) and Flosi frá  Keldudal (22.47 at 250m) in the Andvari championship where now the best horses are registered on an electronic timing device.

The gæðinga rider of the year is Guðmundur Fr. Björgvinsson. He received great success in the summer and got the highest score given in the gæðinga competition, a score of 9.17.

Two sports riders were crowned this year. Those were Jóhann R. Skúlason and Rúna Einarsdóttir-Zingsheim, both receiving that title. Jóhann became a world champion in tölt and all the four gated events and then he competed in different places in Europe this summer as well as presenting a world champion in the category of 5 year old stallions at the WC, Viktor fra Diisa. Rúna received the silver prize in loose rein tölt and five gaits at the WC and became the world champion in all the five gaited events at the tournament.

Eiðfaxi wants to congratulate the winners wholeheartedly with their great achievements and deserving acknowledgement.