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Sigurbjörn threatened by noone?

13. apríl 2010 kl. 16:59

Sigurbjörn threatened by noone?

With his victory in 150 m pace and also fourth place in gæðinga pace, Sigurbjörn Bárðarson, Lífland, has reinforced his position greatly for the top seat at the individual compatition. At this time he has 50 points and undeniably it can be said that he is just steps away from victory, second year in a row.

The ongoing fight for the next places is a lot more open and many riders have a chance for winning silver and bronze in the individual competition. Sigurður Sigurðarson, Lýsi, is in second place after his victory in gæðinga pace with 35 points and Eyjólfur Þorsteinsson, Málning is in third place with a 30,5 points.

After the last competition, the Málning team has increased their headstart over the other teams. They are still on top now with a total score of 268,5 points. Árbakki/Hestvit is in second place with 254 points and close behind them is the Frumherji team with a total score of 252.

The final tournament of the league will then be held on Thursday April 22nd, first day of summer, in Ölfushöll. There will be competition in tölt and flying pace through the arena and also it will become clear who will become the master of all masters this year!

Photos from the pace tournament have been installed into the Ljósmyndasafn Eiðfaxa.

Position in the individual competition:

Place Name Team  Total
1 Sigurbjörn Bárðarson Lífland 50
2 Sigurður Sigurðarson Lýsi 35
3 Eyjólfur Þorsteinsson Málning 30.5
4 Jakob S. Sigurðsson Frumherji 30
5 Viðar Ingólfsson Frumherji 26
6 Hulda Gústafsdóttir Árbakki / Hestvit 25
7 Þórdís Erla Gunnarsdóttir Auðsholtshjáleiga 23.5
8 Sigurður V. Matthíasson Málning 23
9 Hinrik Bragason Árbakki / Hestvit 22
10 Teitur Árnason Árbakki / Hestvit 19
11 Lena Zielinski Lýsi 18.5
12 Guðmundur Björgvinsson Top Reiter 15
13 Ragnar Tómasson Lífland 13
14 Árni Björn Pálsson Lífland 12
15 - 16 Elvar Þormarsson Top Reiter 11
15 - 16 Halldór Guðjónsson Lýsi 11
17 Valdimar Bergstað Málning 10.5
18 - 19 Þorvaldur Árni Þorvaldsson Top Reiter 10
18 - 19 Ævar Örn Guðjónsson Lífland 10
20 Sigurður Óli Kristinsson Frumherji 6
21 Artemisia Bertus Auðsholtshjáleiga 5

Here below is the position in the team competition:

Place Team Total score
1 Málning 268.5
2 Árbakki/Hestvit 254
3 Frumherji 252
4 Lífland 242
5 Lýsi 231
5 Auðsholtshjáleiga 191.5
7 Top Reiter 175