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Says farewell with style

15. janúar 2012 kl. 12:10

Says farewell with style

Christina Lund has settled down in Austurás, home of the couple Haukur Baldvinsson and Ragnhildur Loftsdóttir. Christina lives there with her daughter and a Norwegian horse trainer....

where she will be training horses and preparing her horse Álfur frá Selfossi for the next Landsmót before he leaves the country to his new home in Norway.

Eleven years ago Christina presented Álfadís the mother of Álfur, at a Reykjavík Landsmót in in the year 2000 when Álfadís was only four years old. Like everyone remembers, it was at this memorable event where Álfadís received a total score of 8.31 with a score of 8.66 for talent and was in second place in her class. Undoubtedly, it will be an impressive event to see her fantastic son say farewell to his birth country on this same competition track.

At the Landsmót last summer, Álfur was in second place in the class of first prize stallions for his offspring. According to Worldfeng, registered offspring from Álfur count a total of 366 and 29 of his offspring have appeared for assessment with a total breeding evaluation of 127.