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Sara will show up with Díva

23. febrúar 2012 kl. 18:32

Sara will show up with Díva

„Good natured, light and spirited mare, she is a total bundle of joy“ Sara Ástþórsdóttir says and of course she is describing the fantastic mare Díva which naturally she will bring to the tölt competition tomorrow.

This is the first time Sara participates in the Masters League and is asked how she deals with the tension and pressure which accompanies these demanding circumstances. „I take yoga classes and meditate every morning for a week before the competition“ she says in a joking way and laughs. No, the main thing is to have the horse as well prepared as possible and then the tension becomes anticipation. Of course there is always more pressure when one is competing at strong tournaments, but one has to manage this in a positive manner and aim to do as well as you can every time,“ says Sara who feels that the arrangement of the Masters League is very enjoyable. „This arrangement of different teams creates a positive atmosphere which is different from the traditional competition where there are individuals competing against each other. Also the competition in the League calls for discipline and resourcefulness and to try to keep the horse in super shape as much as it is possible considering the time of year. It is not popular to deactivate the registration the day before the competition because the horse is not in the best shape, as one would definitely do if there was no pressure. And then I think it is totally brilliant to be able to choose the music yourself,“ Sara says and it is quite clear that the spectators can expect a powerful piece of music under Diva‘s tölt swing tomorrow.

Sara is positive for the coming spring and aims to participate at Landsmót. „I am considering taking Díva for the tölt competition and even B-class. Also her brother Dimmi is in my care, and I would like to compete in A-class with him if he continues on the track he is on now. And then I will be presenting some breeding horses this spring as usually,“ she says at last.

Sara´s team members in the team Ganghestar/Málning will also present with experienced competition horses. Sigurður V. Matthíasson will bring Lómur frá Langholti and Sylvía Sigurbjörnsdóttir will bring Þórir frá Hólum.

The feast will start at 19:30 hrs in the Ölfus arena and the admission fee is 1.500 Ikr.

Also there will be a direct broadcast from the tournament here at the Eiðfaxi web.