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Sara and Diva the strongest ones

1. apríl 2012 kl. 11:04

Sara and Diva the strongest ones

Sara Ástþórsdóttir and Díva frá Álfhólum won the ice-tölt "Þeir allra sterkustu" - the strongest ones -which was held in the skating arena in Laugardalur last night after a fierce fight with John Kristinn Sigurjónsson riding Brynja frá Bakkakoti.

A total of twenty seven known riders and gæðingar were there to participate on the ice last night, ranging from world champions to young accomplished riders. Therefore, the preliminary was a true fiesta to watch. In the first group was Hinrik Bragason and thereby indication of what was to come, as he received a score of 8.27 and was safely into the finals. Leó Geir Árnason, winner of  the qualification tournament the other day rode the mare Krít frá Miðhjáleigu and therefore received great recognition, and they received a score of 8.17, which was the fifth highest score of the preliminary competition. Eyjólfur Þorsteinsson went into the finals presenting a powerful show, riding Háfeti frá Úlfsstöðum. Unexpectedly, Sara Ástþórsdóttir arrived with Díva frá Álfhólum, but she had been registered with the mare Sóllilja frá Álfhólum. She could not have regretted that decision, because Díva was in a great mood and they received the highest score of all the competitors in the preliminary round.

The World Champion winner, Frauke Schenzel rode the stallion Gaumur  frá Dalsholti, presented him with great professionalism and received a place in the B-finals.
Clearly, John Kristinn Sigurjónsson was in a great mood after a fantastic victory in the five gaits of the Masters League competition yesterday. The great tölt mare Brynja frá Bakkakoti was fantastic on the ice and their performance proved quite sufficient for them into the fight in the B-finals which they won with considerable security.

And smoking hot, they appeared again into the A-finals where a true dual between them and Sara and Díva proceeded. After the slow tölt, John and Brynja were the leaders and Sara and Díva had to settle for 4.-5th place. The fight in the speed transitions was also fantastic and Sara managed to shoot up to the second place but John and Brynja were still on top before the final section of the competition. On the other hand, this is where Sara and Díva passed the other competitors with a score of 9.5 from three judges and therefore the victory was theirs. John and the mare Brynja and Eyjólfur riding Háfeti received the same final score as they presented fantastic and beautiful tölt. Therefore the seating arrangements had to be tossed upon and the John received the silver.

    Sara Ástþórsdóttir and Díva frá Álfhólum 8.83
    John Kristinn Sigurjónsson and Brynja frá Bakkakoti 8.72
    Eyjólfur Þorsteinsson and Háfeti frá Úlfsstöðum 8.72
    Leó Geir Árnason and Krít frá Miðhjáleigu 8.56
    Hinrik Bragason and Smyrill frá Hrísum 8.50
    Hulda Gústafsdóttir and Sveigur frá Varmadal 8.39

Finals and photos will be posted later.