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Sædynur has been sold

13. mars 2012 kl. 12:42

Sædynur has been sold

The stallion, Sædynur frá Múla has been sold to Norway and will be exported next Sunday.

Sædynur is a magnificent first prize winning four gaited horse out of Dynur frá Hvammi and Litla-Þruma frá Múla, same mother as Roði frá Múla. Sædynur received a total score of 8.34 at the breeding assessment in 2008, and he received a score of 9.0 for spirit, temperament, tölt, trot, canter and 9.5 for general presence.

Sædynur has been quite outstanding on the competition track and was in 11th place in the B-class at the last Landsmót and was in the B-finals in the Íslandsmót. Also, Ólafur Ásgeirsson brought the horse with him to the tölt competition in the Masters league where they ended in 10th place.

The buyer of Sædynur is the Norwegian team member and professional rider Nils-Christian Larsen. According to our sources, he plans to bring Sædynur with him as his new competition horse. Nils-Christian has been successful on the competition track and was the winner in the four gaits competition at the World Cup tournament riding the horse Rey frá Dalbæ and has been very successful riding the horse Moli frá Skriðu which is a horse with extremely high and wide leg action.

Nils-Christian is a trainer at the horse training center Stall Myra, which is in the vicinity of Oslo. The facilities there are fantastic and they keep about thirty horses, and among the horses there is the former world champions Hvinur frá Holtsmúla and Tindur frá Varmalæk.

Quite some horses at that farm!