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Round up in the heath – video clip

20. september 2010 kl. 13:11

Round up in the heath – video clip

This time of year, round ups are taking place all over the country, both for horses and sheep.

Last Saturday September 18th, Eiðfaxi went to watch the round up of the farmers in Ölfus area, and the territory they gather is the Hellisheiði and Hengill area. The weather was fantastic and it was fun to ride through the area which covered the area from the road leading to Nesjavellir going east through the heath and up to the slopes of mount Hengill.

On Saturday the round up took place in so-called Húsmúlarétt, but on Sunday the farmers in Ölfus were gathering on the east side of the heath and the round up took place in Reykjadalur.

A video camera was carried along and some of you might enjoy watching the video clip. A great deal of the filming took place on horse back, so that at times the camera was a little unstable.

Have fun!