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Riding to Reykholt - to the honor of Höskuldur

8. júní 2011 kl. 22:43

Riding to Reykholt - to the honor of Höskuldur

June 17th 2011 will be a memorable day for horse people, for more reasons than the fact that this is our national holiday. On this day the "Höskuldur pen" in Reykholt, Borgarfjörður will be inaugurated...

On this day, horse people along with their horses are going to gather in Borgarfjörður and ride together, either from Gróf or from Hofsstaðir in Reykholt and attend a mass following which the Höskuldur pen will be inaugurated and the monument of the chief and horseman Höskuldur at Hofstaðir will be unveiled.

Höskuldur was an honorary member in the Association of Horse Trainers, the Faxi horse club and the Icelandic Horse Clubs Federation and these parties will gather at the meeting place with this fellow compatriots and friends.