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Public in Skagafjörður is obtimistic

12. maí 2010 kl. 18:24

Public in Skagafjörður is obtimistic

Eiðfaxi was traveling in the northern part of Iceland the other day where he met many entertaining individuals. Among them was the grand horse breeder Guðmundur Sveinsson in Sauðárkrókur. Many are familiar with the son Guðmundur and his father Sveinn Guðmundsson. Together they are breeding horses, although Sveinn is for the most part retired, leaving the breeding work to Guðmundur, but the horses bear the name of Skagafjörður, as before.

Eiðfaxi: How many horses are in your stable at this time?

Guðmundur: I have 18 horses in the stable.  These are for the most part mares that I plan to take for assessment this spring if they are well and healthy, but then there are a few horses that are for sale.

Eiðfaxi: But are most of your horses sick now at your stable, like it is in other places?

Guðmundur: Yes, and we are not riding them at all. We are giving all our horses rest at the moment.

Eiðfaxi: Will you be presenting the horses yourself?

Guðmundur: Yes and no. Mu daughter Svava, has been training horses with me this winter along with school. I plan to show a few mares myself. But then Sigurður Vignir Matthíasson also has two of my stallions which he will take for assessment. They are both five years old, out of Hyginn frá Haga. Promising? Yes, this is good material I think.

Eiðfaxi: How many foals are you expecting this year?

Guðmundur: For the past years, we have been getting about 12-14 foals.  
Guðmundur brings out an outstandingly handsome three year old foal, which bears the name Hvítserkur. He is out of Álfur frá Selfossi and Kná frá Varmalæk. Kná is out of Smári frá Skagaströnd and Kolbrúnu frá Sauðárkróki, who then again is out of the aged Hrafnhetta frá Sauðárkróki and Hrafn frá Holtsmúla. So the father and son are reaching out to their own blood as well as an interesting bloodline.

Eiðfaxi: Any news on the golden mare Hvíta-Sunna (S. 8.39, h. 8.65, a.e.8.55) remembered by many after the LM 2006?

Guðmundur: She isJust fine. She has not given birth yet and is pregnant by Krákur frá Blesastöðum 1A. Her first offspring will probably be assessed this spring. This would be Hátíð frá Sauðárkróki, a 5 year old mare out of Hróður frá Refsstöðum and she is in possession of Hannes Sigurjónsson and has been trained by Erlingur Erlingsson this winter. Then we have a daughter of Sær, who was conceived at Landsmót 2006, and bears the name Sækatla. Then we have Særún who is born in 2008, out of Aðall frá Nýjabæ and last summer we got a horse out of Hróður.

Eiðfaxi: What color and sex would you hope for in the foal which will be born this spring?

Guðmundur: That would be a black horse with a blaze.

Eiðfaxi: The Landsmót at Vindheimamelar is close to Guðmundur’s farm and he is in the board of directors of the tournament, as well as in the board of Gullhylur, the corporation which runs the area of the tournament at Vindheimamelar. Also he is the presiding chairman of the Léttfeti horse club. You must be quite busy these days?

Guðmundur: Yes, I am very busy. Of course the situation with us horse people is a little uncertain at this time. The cough in horses is altering the horse breeding shows as well as the tournament itself. But we will continue with the preparations of Landsmót and are quite optimistic that everything will turn out fine. It is not at all in the picture at this time to postpone the Landsmót. Certainly there could be some absenteeism as far as foreign visitors, considering that in Iceland there is an active volcano and a very contagious cough in horses which is infesting our horses. But we will to everything in our power to turn off the volcano and bring this horse cough down.

Guðmundur says that the public in Skagafjörður are looking forward to Landsmót, and look to the summer with optimism.