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Pregnant mares saved from the ash - photos

19. apríl 2010 kl. 22:13

Pregnant mares saved from the ash - photos

Rakel Ósk Sigurðardóttir, a prized photographer of Birtingur Magazine, was visiting the Eyjafjallajökull site where ash was falling yesterday. These photos taken by Rakel Ósk are of pregnant mares which were being saved from the murky cloud of ash coming from the volcano.

Rakel Ósk received information about these mares being herded westward away from the falling ash, after the vet had examined them close by the vicarage in Holt.

The vet told the owners that if the mares were not rescued from the ash their lives would be in great danger. The herding of the mares was filmed by Rakel and clearly the outcome is extremely descriptive.

Photos taken by Rakel Ósk have received deserved attention, and one of her photos is on the front page of the Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten today.

Rakel was awarded earlier this year for a photo she took and also photo-series of the year 2009.