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Pre-sale tickets to Landsmót

25. apríl 2010 kl. 20:52

Pre-sale tickets to Landsmót

Pre-sale tickets to Landsmót will May 1st, and many horse people have already bought tickets at a considerable discount.  Many have taken advantage of the discount, saving considerable amounts of money by buying tickets in advance.


For example “A week’s pass for an adult costs only 12 thousand krónur in pre sales and 4 thousand for teenagers” says Jóna Fanney Fridriksdóttir, the managing director of Landsmót 2010.The computer system makes it easy for the Landsmót staff to monitor the presales, and apparently this is evenly divided between foreign guests and Icelanders.


On the other hand, the number of Icelanders buying online tickets on a discount has been increasing for the past days. “We have seen the ticket sales increasing recently”, Jóna Fanney says.  It is enjoyable to notice that about 30 to 35% of those who have bought tickets have also ensured themselves seats in the grandstands. But surprisingly few LH members have taken advantage of the fantastic bargain, which everyone who is determined to go to Landsmót is encouraged to take advantage of.


Pre sales are done online on the following web page: Tickets bought on pre sales can be obtained for up to a 25% discount, and one week’s pass as well as weekend passes is also available. There is a lower admission fee for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old and free for children 13 years and younger.  Special prices are being offered to the members of LH and BÍ.