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Positive suspense is anticipation

13. desember 2011 kl. 18:50

Positive suspense is anticipation

For years he has showed supremacy in the tolt competitions and undeniably is a rider who has mastered the training of this spectacular gait of the Icelandic horse.....

Therefore, it did not especially surprise horse people when the fivefold world champion in tolt, Jóhann R. Skúlason, was nominated rider of the year in horse people’s Harvest Celebration last November 4th.

Considering this magnificent achievement, Eiðfaxa felt it was suitable to inquire him about the training methods of the master and he was willing to share a part the work method he uses with his competition horses. The punctilious head carriage and strong top line of his competition horses are always eye-catching. He says that in order to acquire this, the horse needs to feel comfortable and manageable with the bit.
„Collection of the horse cannot materialize unless you can ride the horse forward towards the rein. If the horse is always putting tension on the rein, you are not collecting him. Horses should chew on the bit when you give a rein aid, they should not open their mouth. They should give way to the rein equally to the leg aid."

An extensive interview with the rider of the year is in the Eiðfaxi Christmas edition, which you can read here.
It is also possible to purchase the magazine at the here at the web store.

We would like to remind readers of the informative evening  with Johann and Rúna Einarsdóttur-Zingsheim at Harðarból, of the Hordur horse club in Mosfellsbær on Saturday evening, where guests will be able to get a further peak into the work methods of these champion riders, and they will give a lecture on horse training and the development of horses.

It is the Association of Horse Trainers (FT) Félag Tamningamanna which is hosting this educational evening which will start at 1800 hrs. Admission fee is 1.500 ikr but for debt free members of FT the admission is free of charge.