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Perla turns out well for Lena

11. október 2011 kl. 18:10

Perla turns out well for Lena

The horse breeder Lenu Zielinski has for many years caught attention for great talent, power and powerful gaits......

In 2006 a bay mare in the possession of Lena, called Pandra Kolfinnsdóttir frá Reykjavík, in third place in the class of 4 year old mares with a total score of 8.27. Pandra has now given her four offspring and the oldest one, Frumherji frá Hjarðartúni, who is out of Gaumur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu, was assessed this spring when he was four years old. Lena says that she will continue training him this winter and also she has been breaking in his brother Flögri frá Efra-Hvoli also and he is out of Huginn frá Haga. “He is a very handsome five gaited horse with fantastic movement and is very promising” Lena says.

Also this summer she was working on the training of Pandras brother, who have the same mother and this is a tall and handsome horse by the name of Prinsinn frá Efra-Hvoli. “Prinsinn is the offspring of Álfur frá Selfossi and is off to a really good start. He is very handsome and I took him to the show for young foals and received very good comments from the judge” Lena says and it will be exciting to see all these young horses have a go at the breeding shows this spring and how they will do there.

”At this time I am starting to train five mares out of Pipar-Sveinn frá Reykjavík and he is out of the same mother as Pandra and Prinsinn. Three of them, Huldumey, Villimey and Piparmey, I received as a housewarming present when I moved to Efra Hvol. Also, it is very exciting to have started to train the third generation from Perla” Lena says and this particular Perla is from a place called Ölvaldsstaðir and evidently is proving to be a really good and powerful matriarch for Lena. Now that she has given birth to ten offspring and besides Pandra, Pipar-Sveinn and Prinsinn her son Patrik frá Reykjavík, has caught quite an attention this year and was for example presented at Landsmót.

In Eiðfaxi 7th edition there are interviews with the owners of a few prize winning mares, and questions asked about their offspring which are now being started in training.