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Pale colors – The color genome in the Icelandic horse stock

12. júní 2011 kl. 16:50

Pale colors – The color genome in the Icelandic horse stock

In the 3rd edition of Eiðfaxi there is a comprehensive article about the nature of the albinos in the Icelandic horse stock….

Almost 80% of the horse stock comes in three of the darkest colors: Black, chestnut and bay, and the article aim to show how it is possible in an easy manner to lighten up the colors and maintain the diverseness of the color genome in the stock.

“We have to get used to the idea that the diverseness in the stock is our responsibility and we have to act on it, rather than let fashion and ideas of profit be in charge. We should work systematically in maintaining the diverseness in the flora of colors. The method used to lighten up the colors in the stock is simple and is based on using so called albinos” it says in the article, among other things, where Páll and Freyja Imsland discuss albinos, the features of the color and inherit with that in mind to increase peoples understanding of its nature in stock and its functionality in breeding.

The writers of the article encourage horse breeders to consider lighten up the colors in the Icelandic horse stock, bu using light colored horses when breeding them.