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Pacing full speed without a rider

12. janúar 2010 kl. 10:34

Pacing full speed without a rider

Þorgeir Guðlaugsson in Netherlands has written history related articles for Eiðfaxi lately and the contents of his articles have been of great interest by the readers. Among articles written by Þorgeir, was the story of the gæðingur Sóti and Jarpur, which were exported to Germany in 1936 and then back to Iceland two years later, this was long after laws prohibiting importation of horses came into effect. This case caught great attention.

In the next edition of Eiðfaxi, there will be article about the destiny of Icelandic horses in England during the years 1880-1920 when a great number of horses were exported there to be used in the coal mines. In reality, the result was that not all the exported horses worked in coal mines, because many of the Icelandic horses ended on England’s racing tracks and participated in competitions as pace horses with light carriages.

In his search for material in this article, Þorgeir stumbled onto this entertaining video tape showing an unusual race, to say the least. Whether the horse is Icelandic or a mixture with Icelandic blood, we cannot confirm, but it is nonetheless entertaining.