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Overview assessment is completed in Víðidalur

13. maí 2010 kl. 22:25

Overview assessment is completed in Víðidalur

The weather stayed dry in Reykjavík today even with glimpses of sunshine around noon. The overview assessment of breeding horses was held in Víðidalur and was quite successful, although the timing went a little out of hand. But then the same riders are showing most of the horses.

Kiljan frá Steinnesi received the highest score of the show and raised his score from 8.5 to 9.0 for slow tölt. The son of Gári, Mídas frá Kaldbak presently has a score of 9.5 for tölt and 9.0 for slow tölt with a total score of 8.34. Both of these champs have received a ticket to Landsmót this summer.

Both Váli frá Eystra-Súlunesi I and Heimur frá Votmúla I are on their way to Landsmót after this assessment, as well as the 4 year old son of Álfasteinn, Dynur frá Dísarstöðum 2, the 6 year old Verona frá Árbæ, the 5 year old Líf frá Skáney and María frá Feti and the 4 year old Lyfting frá Þykkvabæ and Virðing frá Sperðli.

Here below, registry of the assessment from the show can be viewed. Source is from WorldFeng,

Photos from the overview assessment can be found on Eiðfaxi photo collection here on the web.