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Molly´s foster foal

11. september 2010 kl. 17:26

Molly with her two babies.

Molly´s foster foal

Angelika Wolf, a horse breeder at the Wirthsmühle farm in South Germany had  quite an experience the other day when one of her favorite mares Aulka vom Wirthsmühle got ill with a bad case of intestinal entanglement and died from her newborn foal.

She had to find a solution quickly and thought of trying to get the foal to feed from a mare of Connemara breed, at this farm two different kinds of horses are being bred.

One of her main breeding mares of the Connemara stock is Molly vom Wirthsmuhle and she gave birth to a foal at the same time as the one which lost its mother.

To start with, Molly was unwilling to accept the foster foal, but after the foal had fed from her for 3-4 days she changed her mind. She has become the mother of the new foal and is showing it just as much care as her own offspring.

This is life in the countryside.