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Mídas and his seven human mothers

17. desember 2011 kl. 12:01

Mídas and his seven human mothers

Great discussions took place last spring on the sale of the stallion Mídas frá Kaldbak and it was a well known fact that there were a few prospective buyers interested in this fantastic horse.  Evidently,  many people were interested when was became common knowledge that the horse was for sale, he has a great breeding assessment his score was eight nines at the assessment in 2008, and a total score of 8.34 and he has received great attention at tournaments in the past years and has been among the top horses in tölt and the four gaited competition in gæðinga- and sports competitions.

Finally it was the partnership of seven women friends in Sweden who bought Mídas, which is a curious matter for many reasons as the women are not, unlike many other great breeders, known for extensive breeding of the Icelandic horse, except for the past few years. These women seem to be quite perceptive when it comes to good  gæðingur and have a business acumen also because they have joined their forces and bought great stallions with improvments in the horse breeding work in Sweden in mind.  The partnership of these seven women friends already have two more stallions, they are Fjörnir frá Hólum who is considered a great star of hope on the competition track and  Arður frá Lundum who has been one of the most popular stallion in Sweden for the past years. 

Eiðfaxi  got aquainted with these seven friends who have in common their interest in the Icelandic horse breed.

At this time Mídas has seven human mothers. And they are Nina Keskitalo, Eva Spegel, Kristin Hjörleifsdóttir Steiner, Malin Annell, Elisabeth Särenfors, Agneta Rolf, Åsa Lundqvist and Ella Lindvall.

These are powerful women. Their background in equitation is very versatile and they are all owners of Icelandic horses. Some of them are leisure horse riders and small scale horse breeders. Some have become horse breeders as a means of living. A few of them work at promoting the Icelandic horse; some are teach, train and participate in competitions.  

All of them work for the partnership in different ways.  Nina is the sole horse trainer and presenter of the horses at shows for the partnership, she has a lot of experience and has for example been a member of the Swedish national team as a rider and a trainer for many years. The women´s families have also joined them in their Icelandic horse adventure. For example the daughter of Eva, Julia Lindmark, works as a horse trainer and lives in Iceland. Agneta’s daughter Matilda is a prize winning rider in the Swedish young adults team. Her new competition horse is none else than the master of tölt Tumi frá Stóra-Hofi and Matilda plans to take him to WC in Berlín 2013.

„It is love for the Icelandic horse which unites us. To us, it is the ultimate horse with a temendous power, often combined with an incredibly gentle temperament. His spectacular gaits and riding technique are very exciting and the fact that it is possible to work with four or five different gaits.“ The breeding object of the partnership is to offer high quality breeding horses who produce beautiful and talented riding- and competition horses suitable for most people.

Convinced in 10 minutes

It was share coincidence that Eva and Malin saw a video clip of Mídas at the internet earlier this year, and according to Malin, they were totally spellbound watching this gæðingur „Although, to begin with Nina was not convinced of the greatness of Mídas at first, understandably an unclear video clip on the internet is not so reliable and therefore we let go of this idea for a while. But without knowing about our interest, a friend of ours Ólafur Ásgeirsson contacted Nina and told her that he knew about the perfect breeding- and competition horse for the partnership, and this horse was for sale. This was Midas, so of course that woke our interest.“ Ólafur had before proven to have given his female friends good advice and had assested them when they bought both Arður and Fjörnir. So last summer they went to Iceland in order to check on Midas. ”Only 10 minutes had passed from the time we saw him until we knew for sure, that this was a horse we wanted. It was just like Oli said – match-in-heaven.”

Midas will be transported abroad to their proud owners in January where awaits him great mission.  „Mídas is an incredibly majestic stallion, so large, fiery red and beautiful with huge gaits and lovely personality. And then he is very well trained by Steingrími Sigurðssyni. There are desirable bloodlines behind Midas which are very suitable for our breeding. Hopefully he will attract other mare owners other owners. His BLUP is high and with a few prize winning seats at tournaments, anything can happen. We look forward with anticipation to the future and are sure it will both entertaining and exciting and it will be very interesting to watch how Mídas will do in Sweden,“ they said and add that they still plan to buy more horses. “Just watch out! We could just pop up and buy your favorite horse,“ they say laughing and jokingly at last. But isn’t there is always a little ting of seriousness along with a joke?