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Mette, Gísli, Hekla and Karen are exemplary riders of the year 2011

2. mars 2012 kl. 17:13

Mette, Gísli, Hekla and Karen are exemplary riders of the year 2011

There were a total of four riders who had presented breeding horses and had also performed ten presentations or more last year who did not have any registered injuries on their horses. These exemplary riders are Mette Mannseth, Gísli Gíslason, Hekla Katharína Kristinsdóttir and Karen Líndal Marteinsdóttir.

There were also quite many riders who only had been registered with a single injury in one single show. The list will be published in full length at meetings around the country where discussions will take place on horse breeding and equitation. This should be stimulating factor for good and exemplary horse riding at horse breeding shows next spring.

It has been published earlier, that a total of 18,9% horses came from the competition track with injuries on their feet or mouth. This ratio was greater than before. Also, a total of twelve riders received a notification from the Council of Specialists in horse breeding, due to the fact that 25-55% of their presentations had been recorded with injuries. Extensive discussions have taken place on the subject of injuries in horse breeding shows. The Council of Specialist has responded to this by deciding that horses who have been rated with second grade injuries after assessment will neither receive results from the assessment nor any prizes. Should there be a second grade injury at an overview show, the horse in question will not have a possibility to raise their scores nor be awarded any prizes, even though it had arrived from the assessment without any injuries. At a meeting of the Council of Specialist on February 23rd last, there was also a discussion on whether there would be a reason for the riders of these horses to be penalized. The Council did not feel that there was reason to pass any one special permanent rule for cases like this but rather to set one firm regulation thereto but to underline that there would be a reprimand for rough equitation, should there be a reason for that.
Mette Mannseth and Eldur frá Torfunesi.