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Message from the horse breeding counselor regarding BLUP and offspring

16. júní 2011 kl. 09:39

Message from the horse breeding counselor regarding BLUP and offspring

A new BLUP has been revealed and has been entered into  WorldFeng. Considerable changes have been made since the system was last run.....

which is not surprising considering the great many horses which will was presented this spring. Many have been waiting in anticipation to see the outcome of the horses who are possible award winners for their offspring at Landsmót. The conclusion is as follows:

Possibility for honor prize:

Gári, Auðsholtshjáleigu     128 stig   -  51 offspring
Markús, Langholtsparti     122 stig   -   58 offspring
Aron, Strandarhöfði          121 stig   -    95 offspring
Hágangur, Narfastöðum    121 stig  -   53 offspring
Adam, Ásmundarstöðum   120 stig  -   89 offspring

Possibility for 1st prize:

Arður, Brautarholti     128 stig   -    16 offspring
Álfur, Selfossi             126 stig  -     29 offspring
Blær, Torfunesi          125 stig  -      19 offspring
Stáli, Kjarri                125 stig  -       18 offspring
Vilmundur, Feti         124 stig   -  20 offspring
Krákur, Blesastöðum       123 stig  -     20 offspring
Gígjar, Auðsholtshjáleigu   121 stig  -  31 offspring
Sólon, Skáney                    121 stig  -    19 offspring
Þóroddur, Þóroddsstöðum    120 stig  -  48 offspring
Þristur, Feti                         119 stig  -  45 offspring
Kjarni, Þjóðólfshaga             118 stig -   18 offspring

Presently it is not known whether all these horses will be presented with their offspring at Landsmót this year. Because of preparations for the event I would like to ask the owners of these horses to send a confirmation to me as soon as possible whether they plan to attend or not.
Kind regards,
Guðlaugur V. Antonsson,
Horse breeding councellor
Telephone: 892-0619